Free Estimates

If you have an electric repair that needs to get done then you should feel free to call us for an estimate on an electrical repair or even an electrical project. We will be glad to help you and even provide you with information that you may need. If you want we could even give you a free written estimate.

TV, Telephone, Data Cable

If you have a couple of electric things that you need to get fixed then do not call multiple companies to come and fix them for you. Here at Pyramid we can do it all and even provide you with low prices that you will not find anywhere else.

Home Safety Inspections

Home safety is very important and it should always come first. We provide special Home Safety Inspections where we come and evaluate your electrical system and tell you if there are any problems. The first inspection covers all the safety issues that are detected in the home’s electrical system. Some parts of the inspection can also include proper electrical system grounding, conduit and wire integrity, GFCI protection, and main electrical panel functionality.

Whole House Surge Protector

In these times surge protection has become quite essential. This is due to the fact that numerous electronics that we use can be damaged by the surges. Electronic devices are highly sensitive to the surges that take place in: security systems, computers, printers, FAX machines, telephones, small appliances, microwave ovens, refrigerators, stereos, garage door openers, and low-voltage lighting systems.

If you experience a power outage then there is a chance that there will be a power surge when you turn the power back on. Unfortunately, we all know that replacing electronic parts can be very costly for us.

We should know that there is a solution to this problem and this is whole house surge protection. If you need whole house protection it is available for homeowners at a reasonable and affordable cost. Call our In-House Technician and he'll be glad to discuss whether installing a whole house surge protector is right for you.

New Construction

When you get new construction it requires skills beyond those that are for a residential electrical repair. Here at Pyramid we have the manpower, skills, and even the financial resources that can help you in the process of completing projects on time and also on budget in order to satisfy the contractor and even the customer. We always do our best to save you the time, money and aggravation when handling your project.

Ceiling Fans Help to Save Energy

Ceiling fans help you save a lot of energy in all the seasons. The ceiling fans lower the temperature by two degrees and this can be bought for less energy than that of an air conditioner. In the winter season you can reverse the direction of the blades so that the spin in a clockwise direction and the fan will help in pulling the air from the ceiling down into the room and will save you a lot on your electric bill. You should know that changing the direction of the spin is not that difficult and is only a matter of pushing a single button.

If you need to get a ceiling fan installed then you will be happy to install the fan of your choice.

Panel Upgrades

We have affordable prices, great services, and an excellent staff who are experts at doing panel upgrades. They have an ultimate understanding of what they need to do to get the job done the first time around.

Service Calls

If service calls are done properly, then the electrical technicians can easily repair something that has just recently stopped working. Here at Pyramid we respond quickly to the customers and are always willing to help out.

Whenever something that is electrical has stopped working the individuals usually wants it to start working again. This is why we do our best to assist the clients and provide service calls that fit their scheduling priority.


Troubleshooting is a word that has to do with locating the problem and fixing it. Troubleshooting can take a long time to figure out or it can take only a couple of minutes depending on the problem and the qualifications of the electrician that is doing the work.

The electrical technicians are trained in troubleshooting all kinds of problems and are always ready to help. We also have an in-house technician that has years of troubleshooting experience who is available for the public to consult with if the technicians run into any unusual problem. This will insure that the customer receives fast and accurate troubleshooting.

New Circuits

Whenever you need to add a new circuit the technicians will always do it in the most efficient and cleanest way possible.

Building Renovations

Whenever it comes time to remodel your home or renovate your commercial building then you should hire someone that is quite experienced with older construction methods that have been used in your particular building. We know all about old construction and are highly knowledgeable about electrical work that has to do with renovations and remodeling. Our experienced workers will help to speed up the job and help your save a lot of cash.


Types of lighting:

There are five basic types of lighting:

  1. Traditional Light Fixtures
  2. Track Lights
  3. Recessed Lighting
  4. Low Voltage Lighting
  5. Outdoor Lighting

It is essential to know about the various types of lighting options that are available and which will work best for you. We are specialists and will do our best to help you select the best type of lighting that will fit your needs.

Property Management

A specialty of ours is handling Property Management work. We are experts at establishing relationships with tenants, management companies, and owners. We work with management companies for both residential and commercial properties.

Commercial Properties

Commercial work requires a lot of skill which is beyond the need for residential electrical work. Here at Pyramid we have the manpower, skills, and resources that will help to complete the task on time and on budget.